DEX Aggregator and Trading Tool for TON Blockchain. TONDEX is a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) aggregator on the TON blockchain, specifically designed to provide users with the most efficient and seamless trading experience by connecting multiple liquidity sources.

The TONDEX platform provides on-chain analytics, a swap tool, and DEXs, there is a lot to process for any level trader.

Put simply, TONDEX offers data. We work hard to gather all relevant on-chain data to then present it to TONDEX users in a helpful and efficient way for DeFi traders. Data will be collected from TVM compatible chains so DeFi traders on TON can enjoy the same trading experience when analyzing their favourite Jettons. This will be done by monitoring many unique DEXs and their pools for liquidity changes, trades, and price movements.

To complete the all-in-one trading experience, TONDEX also offers a swap tool. The swap tool allows users to buy and sell spot assets directly from the TONDEX terminal without using a separate protocol. Transactions are collected and processed by the API, offering the best exchange rates for your trades.

Using the foundations of on-chain data, the TONDEX team continues to find more efficient and effective ways of presenting this data. The multi-chart trading tool, your favourite Jettons tab, and your wallet breakdown compile on-chain activity to help you, the trader.

Our mission is to continue gathering more data and offering more tools for the DeFi trader to ensure there is no need to go elsewhere for a DeFi terminal. Main parts:

  • Information aggregation: While you trade, the one thing you would want is — access to better information to make better decisions. Most traders rely on real-time data analysis to anticipate market movements, hence information aggregators are vital.
  • Trading aggregation: The main job of is to aggregate trades. TONDEX provides users with various options so that they can choose the best route to make the most profitable trade (insiperd by Cow Protocol solvers).

TONDEX Features:

  • Jetton Profile. In-depth stats, analytics and full transaction list for any Jetton. Jetton Tags (are community-sourced lists).On-chain Custom Metrics.Top Jetton Holders List. Full On-chain Activity List - In the Jetton Profile, you will also be able to view the full transaction history of the Jetton, including: Swaps, Transfers, Liquidity Pool Adds/Removals.
  • Account Profile** (aka Trader Profile. Discover and deep dive into Trader's wallets to see their activity. For further information regarding a Trader's Wallet Jetton balances and recent activity, you can visit their Trader Profile. This page allows you to dive deep into a Trader's wallet to see precisely what they've been up to recently and view their historical transactions.
  • Trading Tools. Once you connect your wallet (TON Connect, you can exchange one crypto for another directly from the TONDEX interface in the Trading Section.
  • Meta-aggregation. Meta-aggregation is a unique mechanism TONDEX uses to optimize trades and offer you the best rates.Meta-aggregation is a unique mechanism TONDEX uses to optimize trades and offer you the best rates.
  • Multi-Chart. Analyze and customize multiple Jetton charts inside just one tab.
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Trading Volume and History
  • Jetton Liquidity and Pools Activity
  • Market Screener
  • Trending Tab. Trending Tab shows Jettons where Whale buyers are strongly dominating over Whale sellers.
  • Charting analyze market data to pinpoint optimal entry and exit points for your trades

TONDEX mission:

  • Provides Liquidity: A TONDEX aggregator offers a large pool of liquidity to traders wanting to trade vast amounts of digital Jettons. Aggregators function as a — collective of exchanges to do business which has to do with the transfer of one crypto to another.
  • Saves Time and Effort: One of the potential challenges most crypto investors or traders face is the upsurge of various Jettons linked to diverse platforms. There are thousands of Jettons in the market, and market participants must work hard to evaluate and design a sophisticated crypto strategy to get the best out of them. TONDEX aggregator make this task easier by consolidating the research that a trader has to do in either real-time or otherwise. This saves a lot of time and effort for the user.
  • Better Pricing: When compared to one individual DEX, a TONDEX aggregator can provide a better execution price as they are designed to help traders to liquidate at the highest rates.
  • Anonymity: Since DEX aggregators are an innovation added to DEXs, users just need to provide minimal information about themselves, in contrast to centralized exchanges which require you to complete the full KYC documentation process before signing in.
  • Decentralization: As DEXs, TONDEX aggregator can also give you control over your funds, unlike centralized exchanges. They allow you to trade from and to your crypto wallet directly.
  • Robust Infrastructure: TONDEX aggregator are like the ‘open-source’ platforms to make things much more transparent. They do not have a single source system but a community-based system which improves cybersecurity by being built on a blockchain.

Anti-Rug AI

The AI anti-rug bot is a tool currently in development by 0x0 to help protect users from scams in the DeFi space. It works by using advanced algorithms to analyze transactions and detect suspicious behavior, such as setting a tax too high or removing liquidity. If the bot detects any suspicious behavior, it will automatically frontrun the transaction, preventing users from getting rug pulled. One of the main benefits of the AI anti-scam bot is that it provides an added layer of security for users in the DeFi space. Scams and frauds are unfortunately common in the DeFi space, and can result in significant financial losses for users. By using the anti-scam bot, users can have greater confidence in their transactions, knowing that they are being protected from potential scams.


At TONDEX, we are committed to creating a development environment that is transparent and collaborative. As part of this commitment, a significant portion of our codebase will be available as open-source. This will enable developers, users, and stakeholders to scrutinize, contribute, and authenticate the platform's functionality and security. Our approach fosters trust and encourages community participation in the project's evolution and enhancement. Join us in our mission to build a platform that is secure, trustworthy, and community-driven.