TONalytica is a data exploration and visualization tool that allows users to connect to various data sources based on TON blockchain data (Native TON, Jettons, NFTs, DEXes data, TVL, etc..), query them using SQL, and create visualizations and dashboards.

TONalytica is the data tool built on top of the re:doubt Data Platform, designed to make it as easy as possible for anyone with at least a little bit of SQL, TON Virtual Machine, and Business knowledge to analyze blockchain data in interesting ways.

A few key points about its functionality:

  • Data source connections: TONalytica supports connections to a variety of data sources, including SQL databases, NoSQL databases, web APIs, and more. Users can connect to these sources using pre-built connectors or by creating custom connectors.
  • Querying data: Once connected to a data source, users can write SQL queries to extract data from that source. TONalytica provides a query editor with syntax highlighting, autocomplete, and other helpful features.
  • Visualizations and dashboards: Users can create visualizations and dashboards from the data they've extracted using SQL. TONalytica provides a variety of visualization types, including line charts, bar charts, scatter plots, and more. Users can also create dashboards that combine multiple visualizations into a single view.
  • Collaboration and sharing: TONalytica supports collaboration features like sharing queries and dashboards with other users, commenting on visualizations, and setting up alerts for data changes. It also provides access control features to manage user permissions and ensure data security.
  • Extensibility: TONalytica is highly extensible and can be customized to fit the needs of specific TON projects or use cases. It provides a plugin architecture that allows users to add new data sources, visualizations, and other features.

Here are a few key points about alerts in TONalityca:

  • Creating alerts: To create an alert, users first define the conditions that must be met for the alert to trigger (e.g. price of FNZ raised by 5% last 3 min, TVL of TGR down 10% in the last half hour, Top 5 major KINGY holders buy up another 20% of supply). This typically involves specifying a SQL query and a threshold value for one or more columns in the query result.
  • Alert types: TONalityca supports several types of alerts, including email alerts, webhook alerts, and Slack alerts. Users can choose which type of alert they want to receive when setting up the alert.
  • Triggering alerts: Once an alert is set up, it will be triggered whenever the conditions specified in the alert are met. Users can choose how often the alert is checked (e.g. every minute, every hour, etc.) and can configure other settings like the time zone and the message that is sent with the alert.
  • Alert history: TONalityca keeps a history of all alerts that have been triggered, along with information about when they were triggered and what the query results were at the time. This can be useful for troubleshooting issues and tracking changes in data over time.