Let's make web3 safer, together Report scams across multiple TVM blockchains and opt-in to get support.

ā„– ScamAbuse, the leading reporting platform for malicious crypto activity worldwide for TVM Blockchains.

Why ScamAbuse?

Malicious activity in crypto happen at an ever-growing scale and speed. Trust is damaged. How do we solve this? How do we bring safety to onboard the next billion users?

At ScamAbuse, we are convinced that this security problem requires that we:

Collectively share information about malicious activities - malicious activities that cannot always be detected programmatically.

  • Provide instant, honest, free support to victims of malicious activity.
  • Empower Law Enforcement to accelerate the fight against malicious crypto activity and the recovery of stolen funds.
  • Enable organizations to protect their users before they get scammed.

There is much to do, but we are driven by our mission to enable a safer financial system for all.

How does ScamAbuse enable a safer web3?

  • We enable everyone, everywhere, to report malicious crypto activity seamlessly while including the information needed to both protect users and investigate the case.
  • We empower our Trusted Security Network, including experts, trust and safety providers, leading investigators, and more- to report malicious activity.
  • We check the reported information against spam to fuel reliable information.
  • We provide instant free support to victims of malicious crypto activity.
  • We power the largest reliable database of malicious crypto activity multi-TVM-chains worldwide.
  • We enable our Partners to leverage our database to protect their users.
  • We help Law Enforcement worldwide to accelerate case prioritization and investigations.
  • We provide free preventive education content to all users.